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POV: Power Breakfast

Power Breakfast for August 4, 2016

ERCOT anticipates sufficient supply for state's heat wave; EIA’s U.S. Electric System Operating Data displays real-time data

POV: Power Breakfast

A nearly daily update of energy-related news:

  • ERCOT anticipates sufficient supply to meet this week’s demand for electricity as a heat wave engulfs much of Texas. Earlier this spring, ERCOT forecasted that this summer’s demand would peak at 70,588 MW; demand reached 67,503 MW on Tuesday, August 2. ERCOT’s all-time peak was 69,877 MW set on August 10, 2015.
  • The EIA’s U.S. Electric System Operating Data shows the real-time electricity demand and supply balance for the country’s various regions. It also displays actual and forecasted demand, net generation and U.S. net electricity imports and exports.
POV: Power Breakfast
POV: Power Breakfast

Power Breakfast for August 3, 2016

Two state's decisions on nuclear energy; Advice to utilities on electric vehicles

POV: Power Breakfast

A nearly daily update of energy-related news:

  • The Washington Post takes a look at how California and New York are approaching whether or not to include nuclear power in their respective energy mix. This follows New York’s decision to approve a Clean Energy Standard that (among other items) retains the state’s six nuclear reactors which currently provide 30 percent of the state’s electricity. The article contrasts this to that of California’s decision to eliminate nuclear from the state’s portfolio.
  • By 2040, electric vehicles will account for 35 percent of new car sales around the world. Energy Central offers five insights that could assist the utility market as it prepares for this consumer shift including: consider offering incentives to consumers in this space to drive adoption; prepare for demand response and variable rate structure changes; consider partnerships with car manufacturers; adjust utility infrastructure to support EVs on the road; and offer real-time information on electricity prices to inform the consumer.

Silence the Growl of Summer Hunger

A healthy summer is a happy summer for Dallas area children

SilenceTheGrowl - 05.31.16What could have been a difficult summer for so many Dallas area children turned out to be a summer full of fun, festivities and filled bellies. Through our involvement with the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and the Silence the Growl campaign, we volunteered more than 375 hours and contributed more than $43,000 to support summer meal programs across the Dallas area and raise awareness of summer hunger. Through our company’s contributions, along with support from other corporate sponsors and the United Way, Silence the Growl is helping serve 100,000 additional meals at participating summer meal sites.

Summer Kickoff with UWD - 06.08.16When the school year ends, the summer break can mean summer hunger for thousands of children who qualify for free or reduced-priced meals. To help ensure that underserved children get the nutrition they need all summer long, employees at EFH, Luminant and TXU Energy took part in a variety of activities to create a positive and memorable summer.

Orange BallAt events like the Summer Meals Kickoff event, the Silence the Growl Summer Meals Block Party and Saldivar Elementary School’s Field Day, we engaged Dallas-area children in a variety of outdoor activities and games (water balloon tosses, hula hoop, basketball and arts & crafts) and provided a nutritious lunch to fuel their bodies and minds. We also hosted a Kid’s Kit Drive to collect items like puzzles, coloring books and jump ropes to encourage fun and educational games to keep their minds active and learning throughout the summer.

Ready to help - editedChris Samson, TXU Energy Marketing Associate, says, “By far the best part of volunteering with the Silence the Growl campaign was seeing the bright smiles on the children’s AND volunteers’ faces! I’m so proud that we were able to make such a positive impact on the children’s lives.”

The Silence the Growl campaign is designed to raise awareness and support summer meal programs to ensure that children who rely on subsidized meal programs throughout the year continue to get nutritious meals during the summer. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved to Silence the Growl, because a healthy summer is a happy summer!

POV: Power Breakfast

Power Breakfast for August 1, 2016

Nuclear power plant approved for the southwest of England; Positive job growth in Dallas

POV: Power Breakfast

A nearly daily update of energy-related news:

  • EDF’s board, a utility based out of France, has approved a plan to build a nuclear power plant in the southwest of England. The plant will generate enough electricity to power six million homes, approximately 7 percent of Britain’s energy needs. However, the project has not yet been finalized in the U.K. with Prime Minister Theresa May stating that government will continue to look into the project and make a final decision this fall.
  • According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas employment grew at a 1.1 percent annualized rate in June. San Antonio and Dallas were the two major Texas cities to show positive job growth through June 2016 at 2.1 percent and 0.3 percent annualized gains respectively.
POV: Power Breakfast

Power Breakfast for July 28, 2016

U.S. and Mexico to negotiate a nuclear cooperation agreement; Chile hosted its largest power auction

POV: Power Breakfast

A nearly daily update of energy-related news:

  • The U.S. and Mexico will work to negotiate an agreement for peaceful nuclear cooperation that will strengthen the legal framework and improve the supply chain for the transfer of nuclear technology and components so that both countries can optimize nuclear energy’s benefits. Leaders from both countries also agreed to strengthen trade and to include items related to energy and climate change as part of that agreement.
  • On Wednesday, Chile hosted its largest power auction (to date) attracting 84 bids for electricity supply contracts. The country currently has the third most expensive power in South America; hopes are high that the auction will help the country reach its goals of reducing electricity costs for Chilean families and businesses. The winners of the auction will be announced on August 17.

Job One Profiles: Annette Underwood

Cool-headed and Composed

Annette Underwood is cool under pressure. She discovered early in her career that she could be calm in high-stress situations. As the director of employee relations, being calm means she can focus on finding solutions in difficult and emotional situations.

Watch this month’s Job One Profile to learn more about Annette and how her team is working to make EFH, Luminant and TXU Energy a great place to work.



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Staying Hydrated Means Staying Safe

Watch New Eye on Luminant Video


As summer temperatures continue to rise, so do the dangers of heat-related illnesses – which means hydration is more important than ever to beat the heat.

Find out how to keep your cool:  Watch the latest Eye on Luminant video to see why hydration is critical to achieve Safety Zero throughout the summer months of high power demand.

POV: Power Breakfast

Power Breakfast for July 26, 2016

Real-time data analysis and visualizations of the U.S. electric grid; PUC conducting a cost-benefit analysis on LPL joining ERCOT

POV: Power Breakfast

A nearly daily update of energy-related news:

  • The EIA has released a U.S. Electric System Operating Data tool that provides real-time demand data in addition to analysis and visualizations of hourly, daily and weekly electricity supply and demand for all 66 electric system balancing authorizes of the electric grid. Some of the data points that the tool will visualize and analyze include: hourly U.S. and regional electricity demand; potential stress on electric systems when actual demand exceeds forecasted demand; and the hourly flows of electricity with Canada and Mexico.
  • The PUC will conduct a cost-benefit analysis prior to voting on Lubbock Power & Light joining ERCOT. Some of the points to be investigated include: the impact on transmission systems, the challenges of the loam moving and leaving, the impact on customer costs, future projects needed and avoided and impact on market participants. LPL will also conduct their own analysis to explore the impacts of joining ERCOT.