POV: Power Breakfast

Power Breakfast for May 14, 2015

Nasi: Clean Power Plan all pain, no gain; Senate Republicans seek to rollback climate rules; FERC commissioner to resign

POV: Power Breakfast

A nearly daily round-up of news for your consideration:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan will have “catastrophic consequences” of lost jobs, higher rates and less reliability for Texas while failing to provide any meaningful benefits, Mike Nasi of Balanced Energy Texas writes in a Waco Tribune column:

    “This will lead to a 54 percent increase in household electricity and gas bills, forcing the average Texas household to spend an additional $1,050 per year on electricity and gas. The impact to large consumers of electricity will be much more dramatic, especially in the manufacturing and petrochemical sectors of the Texas economy. … While touted by the administration as a major step forward, China and the rest of the developing world will continue to increase carbon emissions so that reductions here will be dwarfed by increases abroad.”

  • Senate Republicans introduced a bill Wednesday that would overturn the EPA’s proposed carbon dioxide limits and make it nearly impossible to rewrite them. From The Hill’s report:

    “For the existing plant rule, the EPA would have to submit to Congress reports on the rule’s effects on greenhouse gases and climate change, and would have to write individual sample compliance plans showing how each state could abide by the regulations. …Governors would be able to opt out of complying with it, if they believe it would bring any of a wide range of negative impacts. … If the EPA wants to regulate new plants, it would have to develop different standards for plants that use coal and those using natural gas, and the standards must be commercially available and in use on multiple existing power plants.”

  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Philip Moeller announced his resignation, saying he will stay on until a replacement is confirmed, according to The Hill.
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