Power Breakfast for June 17, 2014

A nearly daily round-up of news for your consideration:

  • The U.S., United Kingdom and Netherlands will propose a plan to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development requiring new coal-fired power plants to meet an emissions standard in order to receive funding from the world’s wealthiest countries. From the Reuters article:

    “”We propose a fulsome discussion of a carbon emission performance standard in the context of broader efforts to use export credit policy to combat climate change, including of how incentives and conditions could reinforce each other,” the draft said.”

  • Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed carbon emissions regulations  is “on the table,” CNN reports. From the article:

    “I think there’s a very real, good chance of litigation, not only initiated by the states – I think you’re going to see industries and others,” he said. “I think this is an area absolutely ripe for litigation, and I say that as someone who doesn’t normally favor litigation.”

  • Nine Republican governors wrote to President Obama Monday pressing him to drop the EPA’s proposed carbon emissions regulations. The Hill reports the letter is part of the governors’ “effort toward a policy that balances economic needs and energy security against environmental quality.”
  • Montana Rep. Steve Daines has introduced a bill to block the EPA’s proposed climate regulations unless officials certify the rule would not cost jobs, would not result in a lower gross domestic product and would not change electricity costs and availability, The Hill reports.
  • The Associated Press examines the opposing views on the effects of the EPA’s proposed carbon emissions limits.
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