Making it work: Four moms, kids weigh in on working together

In honor of Mother’s Day, POV takes a look at four moms and their sons and daughters sharing the family business at an EFH company.

Same day service

Simone Tunstle and daughter Rhe’Keisha Stanley

Simone Tunstle and daughter Rhe’Keisha Stanley

Simone Tunstle and daughter Rhe’Keisha Stanley both started their careers at TXU Energy on the same day five years ago.

“We heard about the jobs through a friend and decided to submit our résumés. The rest is history,” says Rhe’Keisha, a customer issues agent. The upside of working with mom: a built-in lunch partner (Simone often buys) and carpooling to work. But sometimes too much of a good thing is too much, she says. “It’s fantastic seeing mom – but sometimes you want a break. Love you, mom!”

Simone, a business analyst, agrees, but enjoys sharing proud moments, like winning an employee dessert competition for her Drunken Pecan Pie Cupcakes, with her daughter. But Rhe’Keisha’s plans to prepare Mother’s Day dinner has her anxious: “I plan to attend morning service at church and enjoy my home-cooked meal.  Oh Lord, I hope it’s good!”

Truckin’ dreams come true

Sherry Boothe and son Korey Boothe

Sherry Boothe and son Korey Boothe

“As a kid I remember seeing all the big equipment and wanted to drive those big trucks,” says Korey Boothe, a mobile equipment specialist at Luminant’s Three Oaks Mine. “I wanted a career with a good company, and my mom encouraged me a lot.”

Sherry Boothe, a maintenance technician at the mine for six years, doesn’t see her son much at work, but that’s just fine with her. “Luminant has been a good company for me and, as any mom would say, we want the best for our kids. Korey likes to operate heavy equipment, is always looking for ways to improve his skills and focuses on safety.  I’m just happy that Korey has this opportunity and wants to make his career here with Luminant.”

She’s looking forward to dinner Sunday with all her kids and grandchildren – after Korey gets off work, of course.

Pride and perspective

Will Blevins and mom Tressa Blevins

Will Blevins and mom Tressa Blevins

For Tressa Blevins, watching stepson Will Blevins receive a TXU Energy Star Award was a marquee moment of her 34 years with the company.

“That was an ’Aha‘ moment for me, as I saw him not as my son, but a successful peer,” says Tressa, director of Contact Center Operations Customer Service and Credit. “The mom in me cried, though, as I was so proud of him and glad to witness it firsthand.

“Will has a lot of friends at TXU and that has allowed me to get to know them socially, too,” she adds. “It really helps me relate to our employees that are in Will’s generation.”

Will, IT project manager, says after three years here (on his own merit, mom notes), he’s glad to have “someone that has been there and done that within this industry. I can always ask her about situations and experiences and she will have an answer or a best way of handling,” he says. “But, most people that work here know Tressa is my mom and I can’t get away with anything!”

He’s not off the hook for Mother’s Day either, when the family spends time around the pool. “Will is doing the grilling!” Tressa says.

Fun and fellowship

Alan Gutierrez and mom Mary Gutierrez

Alan Gutierrez and mom Mary Gutierrez

Mary and Alan Gutierrez are a charitable pair who enjoy participating together in United Way and other company events. It’s that “great company, great fellowship and growth opportunities” that led the HR manager to encourage son Alan to apply with TXU Energy.

“My mother has been working here for years, and has always told me how great this company is – all the growth opportunities that are here and the great people I will have the opportunity to work with,” says Alan, small business sales and account manager.

Now the two, who are looking forward to steaks and a movie on Sunday, appreciate the shared experiences – including a slippery ride to work on an icy day this winter. “It was not fun, but I was glad he was driving and was ensuring mom got to work safe,” Mary says.

Happy Mother’s Day to all EFH family moms!

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