Power Breakfast for April 4, 2014

A nearly daily round-up of news for your consideration:

  • Did utility companies in New York improperly inflate electric bills this winter? A U.S. senator has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the rise in electric bills for customers during the winter to ensure utilities were not improperly overcharging, Energy Choice Matters reports.
  • Burning biomass emits more pollutants per megawatt-hour than burning coal, says a report by Partnership for Policy Integrity that calls for the Environmental Protection Agency to set more stringent standards for biomass facilities. From the Bloomberg article:

    “The report questions the forestry industry’s assertion that burning biomass is effectively carbon-neutral because those emissions would be released eventually once the plant matter decomposed. The report argued that decaying plant matter would release its emissions much more slowly than burning biomass. However, the forestry industry defended biomass as a carbon-neutral fuel source.”

  • Asian nations are increasing investment in clean energy technology, while the U.S. and most of Europe saw a decline, according to a Pew Charitable Trusts study reported by Fuel Fix. But, Pew says the dropoff is partially due to advances in technology that allow investments to go further, and investments in non G-20 nations are on the rise.
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TCEH Corp., Parent Company for Luminant and TXU Energy, Emerges from Chapter 11 as a Competitive, Well-Capitalized Company

News Release   TCEH Corp., Parent Company for Luminant and TXU Energy, Emerges from Chapter 11 as a Competitive, Well-Capitalized Company     *** Energy Industry Veteran Curt Morgan Formally Named CEO   *** Restructuring Eliminates More Than $33 Billion in Debt   *** Benefits from Low Leverage Relative to Peer Group   *** Company […]

Job One Profiles: Razen Thomas

Razen Thomas is proud to be Powering Texas and proud of the hard work and innovation that she sees from her colleagues every day at Oak Grove Power Plant. As support manager, Razen makes sure everyone has the tools, equipment and processes to do their jobs safely and effectively. Watch this month’s Job One Profile […]

A Soaring Success

An abundance of wildlife, including numerous bald eagles, call Luminant’s sites and reclaimed land home. When Liberty Mine’s resident bald eagle pair returns this fall, they’ll find a few home renovations – most notably, a new nest location. The eagles’ nest was recently moved away from mining activities to a new location on company property […]